Design Appointment

Please come prepared!

1. Type and size of piece
2. Size and shape of room piece will live (pictures are very helpful)
3. Species of wood and/or desired color
4. Acceptable price range


1. Once we have established the elements above, a $200 deposit is required to begin preliminary sketches. This is non-refundable but will be applied to the final cost estimate.

2. Approval of the basic design based on preliminary sketches. Once approved, an estimate will be provided and a 40% deposit will be required.

3. Select desired material and finish. I typically work with domestic woods but can accommodate your desires should you have something more exotic in mind. Please keep in mind, exotic wood species can be challenging to obtain and are often costly.

4. Review and approve final sketches. A sample of the recommended finish will also be available. Both will need to be approved before any work begins.

5. Discuss estimated time line. Please note, projects which are quite involved and complicated, may require extra patience from both of us, as well as some deadline flexibility. This is rarely the case, but does happen.

6. Delivery of the final product with the remaining balance due (60%).


** If you are purchasing a piece in Colorado, the appropriate sales tax applies.